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The Romance of Dance January 22, 2012

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A note about our Dance from Mr. Fredric Judkins

A guy can’t help but be a hero to his sweetie as he glides her around our Valentine’s dance floor. It’s essential that couples keep the fun in their friendship, and vintage dance is the perfect place!

The Victorian ballroom glows with great melodies and easy to learn dance steps. And you don’t have to drop a fortune to enjoy an evening of style, and the elegance that comes with two hearts beating (and dancing) in three quarter time!

Victorian Dance Lessons | Feb 4th | 2-6 pm
casual | $15/couple online or $20 at the door

Valentine’s Dance | Feb 11th | 7-11 pm
dressy | $45/couple online or $60 at the door

Victorian Dance Lessons + Valentine’s Dance
$60/couple online

Introducing Our Dance Instructor . . .

Fred waltzing with Dr. Debi

Fred Judkins is gifted in many ways. His love for all things Victorian began with a passion for Gilbert & Sullivan when he was a boy. He is an accomplished Victorian dancer and teacher, and through his love for the manners, dances, and fashions of a bygone era, he hopes to promote a more genteel society today.

Hurray for Hollywood! Growing up at a time when films were fun and wholesome, Fred carries a deep and abiding love for this uniquely American art form. As a 12th-grader, he produced his own film festival at his high school. His senior English teacher sponsored him in Kodak’s national film-making contest. Kodak promised that the winner could “Film Your Way to Hollywood.” And that’s just what Fred did!

On his way to The Big Time, Fred stopped off for two years at Biola University, where he produced Biola’s first film festival – his second – Fred’s Frenetic Film Festival. After graduating from San Diego State University, he ended up as a sound effects editor in the major Hollywood studios, and a member of the Editor’s Guild, the Television Academy, and the international Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE).

Emmy AwardFred is now an Emmy-Winning Sound Supervisor at Technicolor Sound Services in Burbank. His sound work for movies includes Mystery Men, All the Pretty Horses, Spiderman, Ghostbusters 2, Twins, Anna Karenina, Starship Troupers, Charlie’s Angels, Joni, Out of Africa, Hook, The Recuers Down Under, Jimmy Neutron, Fievel Goes West, Adventures of Huck Finn, Iron Will, and Straight Talk. And he’s had the privilege to work with great talents such as Dolly Parton, Whoopi Goldberg, and Steve Martin.

Along with songwriter Eric Rainwater, Fred is the co-creator of the popular series of Christian Kid-Choir musical comedies that began with The Mission Connection, and includes Check Out That Star, The Not-So-Silent Night, The Perils of Paul, and Samson: The Day God Brought Down the House.



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