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A Prayer for My Husband December 5, 2012

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by Dr. Debi Smith

Men don’t forgive themselves. It doesn’t even matter if their error exists only in their own minds. Have you ever noticed that? I have. I see it a lot.

It’s no wonder this is a struggle for men … given the way they are raised. Most men are repeatedly told – from an early age – all that they’ve done wrong, with very little affirmation of what they’ve done well. We train them to be self-critical. Add to that the reality that they shoulder so much responsibility as our leaders, and you have guys whose thoughts are filled with negative dialogue.

Not only do they listen to a constant loop of instant replays about all they’ve done wrong, but also what they failed to do altogether, plus all the “what if’s” of life … What if I don’t make enough money, lose my job, don’t take good care of my family, get sick, earn respect, perform sexually, die?

As wives, we are created to be our husband’s “rescuer” (Genesis 2), so it’s important that we know exactly how to do that … and how to do it really well. So much of his success depends on our walk with the Lord and our desire to become the woman that our man needs us to be.

One essential way we can rescue (be supportive) is to pray for our husbands. And most of the time, our prayers don’t need to be announced to the men: They remain between us and the Lord.

Today’s Prayer for My Husband:

Dear Lord,

When my husband hears old voices of condemnation, enable him to rise up and silence them with Your Word. May he think of his past mistakes as a History lesson, and not as a guide for his future life.



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