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Make Sense of the Man You Love January 13, 2013

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Dr. Debi SmithMy goal is to help women understand the men they love. And to help men understand us better … or at least to not get freaked out by our emotions. Do you know what I mean?

Truth be told, women really don’t get guys. We don’t understand how they think, what they feel, or why they do the things they do. With three sons and two grandsons to my credit, as well as a lot of years studying about and working with men and their relationships, I think I’ve got the inside track on that one … but I’m still a girl, which means I don’t always have it right.

Of course, sometimes men have questions about women, too. In fact, there’s a rumor going around that we’re way to complicated to ever understand. Seriously. But there are some simple truths that can help you begin to make sense of what she wants … and how you can win points with her. You want to make the lady smile in your direction, right?

For the past 9 years, I’d been planning to write down what I’ve learned … so you could benefit from it, too. And in November 2012, I finally finished my third book on the Psychology of Men and Relationships.

As a Psychologist and former University Professor, I’ve read tons of books about relationships. Some of them were not the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon. And it seems that most books written for non-professionals are filled with … well, in a word … filler. That is, you get most of the info in the first couple of chapters, and after that you get to read redundant repetition. sigh

So my goal was to write something that would be an enjoyable read … something you’d actually want to read … all the way through to the end. And from the feedback I’ve received, I think I accomplished my goal! So I invite your to order your own copy of Dance With Me: a hopeful romantic interprets Ephesians 5; attend Dance With Me: Relationship Workshops for Men, Women, and Couples; or sign up for our FREE SEMINARS!


Dr. Debi Smith

Newport Beach, California


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