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Most Women Hurt the Men They Love … May 3, 2013

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Dr. Debi Smith

Dr. Debi Smith

… when it comes to better understanding the opposite sex, it’s often the case that men feel defeated before they start and women barely see a need to start. ~ G. Morris

All of us learned that men are simple, and women are complicated. However, Dr. Debi blows this theory out of the water with findings from research and practical application. ~ Steph P.

The truth is that men are more complicated than women. They’re more sensitive, too!

But they’re sensitive about different things than women are. And they rarely tell you when you’ve done something hurtful.

Most women hurt the men they love, and never know it.

The only thing they notice is when the man begins to withdraw from the relationship. When they ask the man “What’s wrong?” they usually get the response “Nothing.”

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