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Marriage Insurance January 9, 2014

Posted by occhristiancounseling in classes, Dr. Debi Smith, marriage.

premarital_counselingI’ve heard it said that there’s a reason why bridegrooms are all dressed alike … Because it doesn’t really matter what man you plug in to the role. It’s only the bride that counts. The man just isn’t that important.

You may chuckle about that, but it feels true to many men.

A woman is frequently surprised if she hears that her man feels like he’s simply not that important to her … that he doesn’t believe he’s very high on her list of priorities. In fact, he might feel like he’s not even on her list! He may believe that he’s nothing more than a paycheck to her … something to be used up by her. And he doesn’t want sex in exchange for his paycheck. He honestly wants to feel emotionally connected to her, but he just can’t figure out how to make it happen.

There are so many ways men try to connect with us … to ask us to dance with them.

And it requires a tremendous amount of courage to ask … especially if they have been shut down a lot. However, each time a man gets a “yes,” he’s encouraged to ask again … and again … and again …

Would you like to know a few essential ways that you can say “yes” to the men in your life?

Excerpt From:
Dance With Me: A Hopeful Romantic Interprets Ephesians 5
by Dr. Debi Smith


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