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Dr. Debi Smith would like to acknowledge the contributions of the students of PSYC 495, Psychology of Men, at Azusa Pacific University. Their enthusiasm for this topic has inspired her to move forward with this project. Click here to read their work online.


Cayem, Levant, Youngblood

Daniel Cayem, Dr. Ronald Levant, and Brandon Youngblood at the 2008 APA Convention

Brittany Benson
Jaime Canterbury
Brent Castro
Daniel Cayem
Lauren Chase
Jaclyn Graf
Narges Horriat
Sean Kindt
Nikki Liu
Tyler Madsen
Steven May
Jessica McIlroy
Matt Okida
Melissa Olivas
McKenna Pratt
Heather Scott
Shannon Selander
Jennifer Sprowls
Jennifer Stierwalt
Katie Vander Meer
Lauren Wallitsch
Nicole Weinert
Natalie Wolfers
Kimberly Woods
Christen Wright
Brandon Youngblood


1. Brent Castro - September 9, 2010

The psych of men class that Dr. Smith offered was a great class filled with much insight on the development of men. Loved every moment of it. I can imagine that many of you will find this website helpful.

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