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Men Are a Complex Subject

by Nicole

Men are a complex subject, especially because in my opinion there are so many different kinds of men. I recognize this not only because I know that I myself am very different from many of the women I know…I would not appriciate [sic] someone thinking that all women are the same, because we are not. So I realize that men come with unqiue [sic] mindsets and approaches to life. Many men from my childhood such as my father and other family members have put a sweet taste of men in my mouth – reliable, trustworthy, and strong. I have met many men who are truely role models. I have had other interactions with men who have left a bitter taste in my mouth. Men who have been too proud and men who have an ugly side with anger, jealousy, and rage. Many of these men have been closer to boys, and therefore more understanding has been given to those with less life experience and a chance for maturity. When intimate with a man, I feel as though we are much more similar than we both realize, which leads me to believe that our society is a cause it [sic] our differences, and perhaps if men were given more of a chance to be vulerable that we would all get along better. Not perfectly, and this isn’t a fairy tale – obviously there will always be major differences between the sexes…but I desire to know more about the psyche of men because understanding that is a good start to wherever you are headed in the direction of understanding the psychology of men.



1. Men Are a Complex Subject « The Psychology of Men - March 18, 2009

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