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Men & Me

by Nikki

I believe that men play an important role in every girl’s life. Whether it be a father, relatives, the boys at school or the boss at work, men will forever be there and forever impacting our lives. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been acutely aware of the difference between boys and girls. I was well educated in Disney movie romance, cooties and knew that boys kiss girls. I distinctly remembering sitting on the swings in kindergarden while my girlfriends chased the boys. They asked me to come play and i said “Don’t chase the boys. It looks desperate” and continued what I was doing. Funny responce? Yes. Indicative to my relationship with men? Perhaps. But there was no questioning the role they would play in my life. I grew up with two brothers and a male babysitter, Ben. Like most girls, I was aware of boys well before they were aware of us. Much of Elementary School was spent giggling over girly magazines, whispering about crushes and learning about boys from movies. Honestly, much of my misconceptions came from trying to learn about them via media where they are portrayed as extremely shallow. I feel that becomes the reason women, myself especially, placed so much emphasis on physical appearance. It is a theme that changes with time, but never truly diminishes. Upon entering High School, I had grown to have a growing fascination with men. If not romantically, just discovering how they function, what they need and what that means for me. I read a popular book, “Every Man’s Battle” purely to understand what it is like to be male. That curiousity continued as I learned through boyfriends, teachers, and co-workers. Depending on the phase in my life, I’d been the supportive girlfriend who attended every game, the “mom” who took care and cooked, one-of-the-guys, miss independent who hurt before she got hurt, and everything in between. In all honesty, I think life experience has given me a pretty good clue to who guys are. But is there a girl who wouldn’t be interested in knowing a little more? Not likely.



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