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wwhttm_bookWhen something’s wrong, it’s often the woman who notices it and wants to talk about it – to figure out what’s wrong and fix the problem. Here’s a frequent complaint from our Relationship Survey:

We have problems agreeing on the way in which we will deal with problems. I want to deal with them when they come up, and he wants to think about it on his own for a long time and hope the problem goes away before we talk about it.

Does anything about that sound familiar to you?

Have you’ve ever wondered, “Why won’t he talk to me?”
Maybe you’ve tried everything you can think of.
But don’t give up! Learn what to do now!

In this FREE e-course that’s based on professional research
in the Psychology of Men and Romance, I’ll teach you all about …

Improve your couple communication with this FREE e-course for women only. Lessons are delivered to your inbox every day (for the first 15 days), with questions and practical exercises to help get you back on track.

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What I’ve learned over the years is that most women who are disrespectful of men don’t even realize what they are doing. And men are actually very different from women – despite some opinions otherwise. God created us to be different. First, men are actually more sensitive than women (and there’s a reason for that). Second, men are sensitive to different things than women are. BOTTOM LINE: It’s to every woman’s advantage to learn as much as she can about the psychology of men. And this FREE course is a great place to start! ~ Dr. Debi

As a guy, I can say Dr. Debi knows us well. ~ Jason K.

I only wish I had been aware of these simple tools years ago. ~ Marilyn S.

Very cool that you are offering this course for free. … to say that men and women are different is certainly ONE of the understatements of the decade. God bless you!! ~ Dave G.

You have nothing to lose … and everything to gain!
Register here. It’s FREE!


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